Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Benim Küçük Sevimli Traktörlerim ve Karga"

Son yazılarımdan bir tanesinin başlığını "My Little Cute Tractors and The Crow." olarak belirlemiştim. Sonradan fark ettim ki hoş bir hikaye başlığı olabilirmiş. Uzun zamandır hikaye yazmıyorum. (Hatta hiçbir şey yazmıyorum.) Daha önce tamamladığım fakat atmadığım birkaç tane hikayem vardı. Belki de bu bahaneyle yeniden bir şeyler yazmaya da başlarım. Kısa kısa hikayeler yazıp bunları bir yerde biriktirmek istiyorum. Bunu daha önce de çok istiyordum.

Aslında konu başlığına bakınca çok güzel bir psikolojik roman ismi gibi duruyor. Yazdığım bir çok hikaye gibi karanlık bir senaryo, depresif bir son çıkarılabilir.

Sanırım her zaman olduğu gibi bu hikaye de kafamda bir kurgu olarak kalacak fakat eminim bir gün güzel bir hikaye, sonunda da güzel bir roman çıkacak. Bu aralar her şeyi zamana bıraktığım gibi bunu da zamana bırakıp, bekleyip göreceğim. Hatta birlikte görürüz. Yeni hikayelerde görüşmek üzere. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

From Past, Into The Book.

There are so many things that happened in this world. Some good, some bad... Well, how often do we tell others? Otherwise, do we want to tell others? There are too many questions waiting for us to answer but I do not think we have this courage.

I have promised to someone who is really important for me almost three years ago. I would keep blogging and as well as this I would write a book. I do not know if I can be succesfull. I just want to try. Writing book is really formidable thing. World-famous authors spent almost their life time to compose something.Years of thinking, years of deciding, years of writing, years of improving... I wrote many short stories which are unpublished but writing book will be a new experience for me.

I’ve been thinking more deeply about writing. In fact, there are several different stories which are waiting to be written in my mind. But I do not know how to give a shape. Let's see what time will tell us. For now I will continue blogging and writing short stories.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ayaz Ata / Ded Moroz

 Every year in December all around the world the celebrations of New Year’s Eve begin. The most iconic object of these celebrations is known as Santa Claus. Well, who knows the history of Santa Claus is too much older than known? In this article I will try to introduce Turkish Santa Claus named as Ayaz Ata.

The literal translation of the name would be Frost Father, although the name is often translated as Grandfather Frost. Ayaz Ata is a mythological character known in Turkic, Altai and Central Asian Turkic mythology, especially in Kazakh Turks and Kyrgyz Turks known as the god of the cold for thousands of years even older than Christ. Azerbaijani Turks know him as Shahta Baba and Tatars calls him as Qış Babay which means Winter Father.

 He was created of Moon light and caused by cold weather. Ayaz Ata has a daughter or granddaughter named Snow Girl. Ayaz Ata causes cold weather. Six stars of The Pleiades sasterism are the six holes of the sky. And Ayaz Ata blows cold weather from these six holes so winter comes. According to some Turkish mythologies Ayaz Ata is a Saint that occurs in winter in cold and helps the homeless and hungry people.

He has also become synonymous with Santa Claus, in other words Father Christmas. Many Europeans thought that Ayaz Ata originated by Slavs and they call him as Ded Moroz. When we look at the history of Slavs we saw that they are always in communication with Turkic nations throughout the history  and this is an example of cultural interaction.

The traditional appearance of Ayaz Ata resembles that of Ded Moroz, with his coat, boots and long white beard. Ayaz Ata often wears a heel-length fur coat, a round fur hat, and valenki on his feet. He is often depicted as walking with a long magical staff. He is often depicted in long silver-blue robes and a snowflake-like crown.

Ayaz Ata is a too old Saint of Turkish mythology similar to Santa Claus with some important differences that I mentioned.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Remember When

There are some cities just to be hated. No matter how beautiful the city is, you just cannot love, you cannot live. Because you know, the city stole something from you. Something very precious. It mercilessly taken away from you, and you've just watched desperately.

Here it is impossible to love these types of cities, even if you loved it once. A lesson I learned a while ago: It's important to not to underestimate the darkness of the city. You can't control everything as you wish because the city says the last word.

After a while you are starting to question; does life is cruel or is it me?

I have a lot to say but I do not know what to write. 
I feel a lot but I do not know how to explain. 

Then just let the lyrics to dance in the street of the city. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hello Bloglovin!

Hello my friends. As you know I have restructured my blog and want to reach more reader. Therefore, I took some new steps like being part of bloglovin world. 
A few days ago I attendent to stumbleupon and bloghocam, and now I'm on bloglovin. I think it will be very useful. Useful to publish more posts, useful to reach more readers... 

Monday, January 19, 2015

My Little Cute Tractors and The Crow.

When I'm drawing in public suddenly a wild stranger appears and asks "Are you studying fine arts?".
No, it's just my hobby. I do not think I'm a good artist but I'm trying to improve myself. 

I'm drawing pictures for a long time and I'm doing my best to be better. Maybe I'm not the best but getting better by time. Drawing picture is my hobby. Sometimes I think it is boring but I still continue to draw. At this point my fiance gives me great support. I want to thank her. Maybe sometimes I'm just drawing to make her smile. And I will.. 

What ever, after this short post please take a gander on the picture below. Drawn by me approximately eighteen years ago, when I was 6. Not bad, right?

Sühan Alp AŞIK


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